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Known as an impulsive shopper, I have a (bad) reputation of being at the right place and at the right time….at the right shop! That’s me…shopping in stilettos.DSC_0204

Why the name ‘Shopping in Stilettos’? Well, don’t we ladies love stilettos and certainly want to wear them every day? (Albeit the pain in the back!) ‘Shopping in Stilettos’ is for all lovely ladies who want to look their stylish best, but sometimes, give high heels a miss and opt for comfortable flats. 🙂

When I am out browsing, either in person or online, I feature products or ideas that are creative and definitely worth a mention on my blog.

Drop me a line for your product or store review or simply to discuss fashion ideas at the following address –

I also help my family create and market Instant Batik paintings and fashion accessories. These works are unique with our guarantee for colour, a business we’ve been doing for over 35+ years.

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