Single this Valentine’s Day? You are not Alone

Valentine’s Day brings with it much hype, expectations, happiness to some and disappointment for others. A single woman often faces so many remarks for choosing to be single, that it is honestly sad and hilarious at the same time. While I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, it’s normal for singles to feel a little left out. This should not, however, form the core of your existence.

Valentine’s Day and the Single Status

  1. Love yourself, no one else can do it better than you.
  2. Explore what you want to do with your life – there’s a whole lot of things apart from Valentine’s Day

3. Love your work, the rest will follow

4. Be the person who always exudes natural charm and good energy.

5. Focus on your strengths, work on improving other areas

6. Do not wait for a validation from others, seek feedback but do not get weighed down.

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? How did you celebrate it? Do share in the comments below.

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Here’s my wardrobe choice in western wear

Photographer:Hana Jade Hudain

Dress: Cotton Village, Pune

Accessories:Lifestyle, Bangalore

Weather:Love is in the Air


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